After a development period of nearly 14 months, we are now also offering pop-under advertisement.

Since CPC is not possible with this technique, the popunder-advertising is offered for CPM bidding price. And, of course, there are the corresponding tokens with which you can create domain targeted campaigns on the fly.

As we also place an extremely high standard on quality and protection against fraud and malware, we ask all interested publishers and advertisers to be released for this type of advertising.

If you need help or need more information, we will be pleased to assist you with advice and assistance.

As of February 1, 2017, we market a total of 6.104 adult domains and intend to grow much further.

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Welcome to TrafficFabrik

– your specialist in high-quality adult traffic

  • Are you looking for high quality traffic for your adult offer or program?
  • You are not looking for user masses but buying customers?
  • You want to buy the best possible traffic at the best possible price?

Then you are right at TrafficFabrik!

TrafficFabrik is not a traffic broker in the traditional sense. Behind it, there are people who have been in the business since 1998, generating traffic with strong purchasing power.

The ad network mainly consists of own pages and additionally of pages from a few selected partners, which know as well as we do that only the success resulting from ad clicks determines their value.

In addition to banner places, we offer a combination of text / image ads, which are intended to be recognized as ads by the user. Because of that, they are only clicked on by interested customers. By the use of our country targeting system it is possible to place ads either internationally or in selected countries only. Our fully automated bidding system guarantees you the lowest possible price per click. For an overview of the system and its features, see the section "advertisers ".

Theme Problem Solution
Quantitiy of traffic Loads of traffic but it's useless Trafficfabrik!
Through our OWN page network and our selected partners we will only send you real click traffic generated by real potential customers. Less is more!
Quality of traffic Clicks generated through tricks and bot traffic Trafficfabrik!
Nobody will get around our unique fraud protection. Only real traffic with real people behind it will come to your page.
Prices Bidding systems live on artificially pushing prices. In the end the ads are not profitable anymore. Trafficfabrik!
Our automatic bidding system is not only controlled by the bidding price but also by your ads' click rate. Thus good ads with high click rates do not only generate more traffic but also reduce its price.
Usability The available systems are too complicated and the administrative effort for monitoring campaigns is too high. Trafficfabrik!
Although our system is capable of virtually giving you everything you need, you will find that you have never placed and monitored a campaign as quickly and effortlessly before.
Choosing the right ad type Choosing the right ad type and banners takes up too much effort Traffikfabrik!
Just upload everything you got. Our system is a “quick learner” and it is dynamic. It monitors which of your ad types generate the most traffic and will then show these preferably.
Targeting options It is hard to access the right target group at the right time. Trafficfabrik!
With us this is super simple. Choose the country, select week days and time of the day – done!
Cost control It is hard to keep track of cost efficiency Trafficfabrik!
With our conversion tracking you can keep track of your cost-benefit ratio at any time without the need to make any calculations yourself. Our system will do it for you!